LED Lighting

LED lighting is the future! Light-emitting diode (LED) can be assembled into a fitting or light bulb for use in lighting fixtures. LED lamps have a lifespan and electrical efficiency that is several times better than incandescent lamps. This makes them perfect for locations where it would be difficult to maintain (changing of lamps) a light fitting.

Like incandescent lamps and unlike most fluorescent lamps (e.g. tubes and CFL), LED lights come to full brightness without need for a warm-up time. They also run cooler than than halogen or incandescent lamps so are very useful in locations were heat output is a factor.

We have a fantastic range of LED floor and table lamps plus LED ceiling and wall lights.

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Serving Surrey,Berkshire and Hampshire.

Slim led tower

Slim LED Tower.

LED Strip

LED 8W Recessed







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