Dining Room

Dining Room lighting

dining room lighting

Dining and entertaining at home has become increasingly popular in recent years and a great deal of thought should be given to this room in terms of lighting…Firstly, as you and your guests walk into the dining area, a carefully selected ceiling fitment emitting a soft pool oflight over an exquisitely set table, will create a high sense of design and style and set the scene beautifully for anenjoyable meal.

In practical terms, care should be taken to ensure that the light is positioned centrally, so that none of the guests feel that they are in the ‘spotlight’and also that the light is bright enough to illuminate the entire table.

A further consideration should be given to the hanging height of the pendant, we recommend that the lights hould be positioned approximately 60cm above the height of the table to ensure that all guests have a clearvision of each other and that they are not staring directly at a lamp.

STYLE TIP-linear shaped pendants and cluster pendantsare a great modern choice.As the meal ends and conversation comes to the fore,a different type of light may be beneficial. Uplighters, tablelamps and accent lighting around the room’s perimetercan be utilised to create an relaxed, cosy feel.

Dimmer switches are a great idea in dining rooms; not only do they facilitate the lowering of light to create atmosphere for entertaining, they can also be turned upto maximum to illuminate the room for preparation and after party cleaning

STYLE TIP-if you do not have the facility to hang apendant over your dining table, a floor lamp with a longarching arm will create a stylish solution** take care to ensure that all cables are safely managed.

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